Green Soil® supplies an official source of nutrient that traditional phosphate fertilizers don’t. It is the first continuous slow release, mineral citrate soluble fertilizer (5-27-2).

Green Soil provides phosphate along with nitrogen, potasium, micro and trace elements when roots need it. Continuous slow release, to build a denser and stronger root mass for improved wear and stress tolerance. The elements in Green Soil will increase recovery of turf abuse from traffic and drought conditions. One application can last an entire crop season, increasing crop performance and results in higher return on investment.


  • Continuous slow release of nitrogen, phosphate & potassium
  • No salt contained. Will not burn the roots
  • Green Soil® is captured from the sea water through a precipitation process
  • Dust-free one crystal granule


Green Soil® can be used on a various applications. For more information on Green Soil into your fertilization program
please contact us


Green Soil is recommended for all plant crop vegetable applications. Powder, uncoated, dust-free one crystal granule that can be used in all blending environments.


Green Soil® excels at heavy clay, damaged or over used soils as a revitalizer that improves soil quality with each use. In addition to the macro values found in Green Soil, microelements and trace minerals available in our product will replenish poor soils to a healthy soil.