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Green Soil® was created as a no salt mineral oxide fertilizer from sea water that can be used for any plant, vegetable or crop and can be blended with any organic fertilizers for specific applications. This mineral fertilizer is removed from seawater in a structure that is only slightly water-soluble, which prevents leaking out and contaminating or polluting the streams and water sources nearby. This also, in the long term, makes it cheaper to use and stays in the soil longer to help during the full growing season.

There are no harmful chemicals used to mine Green Soil. It is a citrate slow release product that stays in the soil and will not wash out or burn roots. 5-27-2 in 4-2mm granule.


Heavy Metals AAPFCO Limits Green Soil
Arsenic 377 9
Cadmium 290 < 0.01
Cobalt 3,944 0.6
Lead 1,769 0.7
Mercury 29 0.03
Molybdenum 1,218 0.18
Nickel 7,250 1.7
Selenium 754 < 1
Zinc 12,180 22